Our party entertainment includes high energy music, dancing, singing,

games and activities using a wide variety of props, animals,

sensory equipment, musical instruments, puppets,

parachute, hula hoops, bounce balls etc

modifying the activities to suit the age of the children.


We are very happy to incorporate any theme you may have.

Working together to share ideas and discuss any favourite songs,

games, tv characters and the format you would like.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Our parties are exciting and lots of fun!

We want to create a very special day to remember.

All you need to do is provide the venue and food and the rest is up to us!

Props include :-


     * Puppets * Parachute * Butterflies * Bells * Bean bags

*Large dice * Play balls * Bubbles * Triangles

*Telephone quoits * Swirly scarves * Pom poms 

* Tambourines * Maracas * Drums * Bean bag animals (dinosaurs, frogs) * Hula hoops * Dancing ribbons

* Wrist ribbons * Kosh balls * Hand clappers

* Twinkle gloves  * Soft toy animals

* Fairy wands * Teddy bears

Parties cost £120.00 for an hour of entertainment and fun!

Contact me to discuss any queries and requirements you may have

Emma 07957 497633 or email:

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